What You Should Know About Us

Our ideas are our babies.  And just like a baby – no idea starts out fully-formed. They take nurturing, guidance, encouragement, hard work and grit to help mature and bring into the world.

20 years ago, I had an idea. I was working in a flower shop with my sister making arrangements for every occasion – when I discovered something about the floral business and myself.

While flower arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s days, and just-becauses are wonderful – weddings are the pinnacle of the art form. At the altar is where the stakes are the highest! Naturally, that’s why people, particularly brides who have dreamt about that day their entire lives, care the most about turning their ideas into reality. Unfortunately, florists also know the stakes are the highest – and charge prices to match.

This is no joke.

When you go to a typical florist, the moment they hear it’s for a wedding, they tack on extra fees.  They think that because you have so many decisions to make – flowers are just one more thing you’d like to check off your list.  And they get away with it.  They’ve done so many weddings, they no longer empathize. They forget this is your only chance to get it right. It’s a business for them, but for you – it’s personal.

That’s why I wanted to do something different – I wanted to do something that was truly personal.

Every time we go to work on a wedding, I remember when I got married. I remember imagining how it would look and wanting so badly to make it real. And I remember not being able to do it because of the fees and because I had no one to help me make it real.

Moments like that are how I thought of “She Said Yes.”  

But, as it happens in life, things got in the way. Whether it was paying for college tuition, hopping from job to job, or surviving the recession, my idea was always put on the backburner. But I never forgot it.

Then something frightening and wonderful happened.

I learned (by reading the newspaper!) that my company in Fort Worth was moving to Houston. There was no job for me anymore.  After several days of panic, I prayed and began to realize that God had done me a favor.

Then I felt the courage to make my idea a reality.

And here we are.  “She Said Yes” is real.  As it turns out, my biggest setback set me on a new, unknown path and forced me to find the strength to pave it myself.

If you remember only one thing about me, remember this: I am driven by the challenge of turning your idea – your vision for your wedding – into reality.

No hidden fees. You will know precisely how much each arrangement will cost and how much I am making.

No false promises. I will never reel you in with an unrealistic “low” price, and then charge more to cover basics like vases during the consultation. This is a dirty practice I adamantly oppose.

A real, personalized experience. I care about making your day everything you want it to be. During our consultation, we will form a plan to realize your idea – no matter at what stage it may be.

 This company has been my dream – and it’s about making yours come true.


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She Said “Yes” Floral Designs did a great job on our wedding! Angela was very knowledgeable and most importantly, worked within our budget! Our wedding was everything we imagined and more! Highly recommend!

Emily Simpson

I went into this process not knowing exactly what I wanted, but I told Angela a few things I liked and she created something beautiful that was totally within my price point and perfect for my special day.

Kelsey Burkhardt

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